Saturday, March 26, 2011

Owen Questions.

The past two days have been filled with these two questions from Owen.

1. What Happened?
His "h" is my favorite letter that he says. Very airy and forced, it's seriously so cute to hear his little voice. I couldn't figure out where he got this from, until I heard one of the boys crying and I yelled,
what happened into the other room. I think he hears this a lot!
2. What's your name?
Then he proceeds to tell me mine "Angie... MY Angie." He asks everyone he meets and each of us all the time.

He's turning into a little chatterbox and because his voice is so cute I love every minute of it. Especially, the little "Yup" he says instead of yes.

He also loves saying "Amen" and starts saying it (not in his quiet voice) half way through the prayers during sacrament, we are working on this.
I'm not a fan of character shoes or clothing. I avoid that section in department stores and such, because my kids, unlike me, love it and don't understand how I have vowed to not be that parent with the kid in the tacky Disney clothes.

*Although Carter did have a really cute Cars hoodie, that wasn't tacky, it was gray and plaid with a little Lightening in the corner. That I could do.

Funny how things change when you FINALLY do have kids and they start to have real solid opinions on what they wear. No longer is it tacky, but brings pure joy to the little person decked out in their favorite characters. I do eat my words.
*But will still never buy them Disney tennis shoes.

I met my match last week and finally caved and bought the boys flip flops ala Disney. Above is Owen strutting his new Toy Story 3 flip flops and he has worn them everyday since. Carter has a pair of "robot," or better known to everyone else other than Carter as Star Wars flip flops. They make them happy, so that makes me happy- two happy toddlers in shoes that actually fit- yes, that makes me very happy.

Another Owen moment.
Grocery shopping Thursday afternoon. He was like this for an hour. Everyone who walked by pointed and smiled. Then while checking out one of the clerks tried to take the cart away with him in it. I'm holding Carter I kept telling him no and he kept ignoring me. Language barrier I'm thinking, or he's just ignoring me because I'm a woman, could be a combination of both. Finally I had to pull the cart back and he finally saw the sleeping toddler underneath. He was surprised and finally let me keep the cart.

Bedtime update. This week has been better. He likes to sleep with the lamp on and stays in his room and plays for awhile before falling asleep. We can do this. As long as he's not screaming, banging on the walls or destroying the room, he can quietly play in there as long as he wants before bed.

Hugs, A


Em and Tom said...

Cute stories. I love the cart pic. Since I've moved away from home I think about you a lot b/c my move is nothing compared to yours! You are so strong! Do we get to see you for reals this summer?

emalina49a said...

Yeah good luck with no licensed clothes. I was similar. Although I didn't care as much about the shoes...then this week I went to look for last minute coordinating outfits and could only find buzz lightyear, lego star wars, transformers, spiderman...etc. etc.!

lynette said...

your little owen is a cutie pie and i just want to squish him!

also, we try to reserve the character clothing for pjs only and the kids don't seem to mind. except for wes, he's lucky the gap and old navy carry the vintage superhero tees.

but, i agree. there's something about those "i give in" moments as a mom. moments where you do/say/buy something for your kids that you SWORE you would never do before you were a parent. especially when it's something that brings your kid utter joy. it's kinda like a "AHA! I get it!" moment.