Monday, March 14, 2011

Ribs with Mom.

We were getting antsy. The whole stay out of Bahrain for weeks thing was getting old. So last week, before the crazy intervention from the Saudi army began just yesterday and the causeway was closed, we scooped up the family and headed over the causeway to show grandma where the expats go for a good time.

Rics. Best American food in the Middle East.
It's true. They say so on the wall as you walk in.

We dined on BBQ pork baby back ribs with the BEST potato salad I have ever had. I am a ribs girl and I was pleasantly surprised they were so good. It had been five months. I will not go that long again.
See the goods below.
The boys requested blueberry pancakes. How great is that we can have dinner and they can have breakfast. Owen is ALL about pancakes these days.After dinner we explored the "bunny patch." It's just outside the lobby of the restaurant. You can see one of the cute little bouncy guys by the walkway.
After dinner we did a little grocery shopping then headed back home. We avoided the pearl round about where the protests are happening and stuck to the other highways.

Not bad for a night out of the country. Ribs, Pancakes, Bunnies and a little excursion to the "sin" (ie: the pork) room at the grocery store.

If it were only this easy to go to Bahrain all of the time. The fastest we've ever made it over the causeway and back. Record time 30 minutes and only four other cars to content with.

We're just glad we made it across the border last week before things got worse. Now we just wait and watch to see what happens next with Bahrain.

Hugs, A

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