Sunday, March 13, 2011


To Do list in Saudi.
Ride a camel.
Check.Carter liked being in the front of the camel saddle and looking out. He did surprisingly well and wasn't nervous at all about how high in the air we were.Owen's first pony ride. He LOVED it. When we pulled up the camels he pointed to the little horse behind the camel and said he wanted to "ride the horsey." So we sat on the camel for a picture. Then he rode this little pony around the beach while Carter and I were on the camel. First time I have seen him genuinely happy on something moving.
Ever see a camel sit down? Down on the front knees first.
Then the back.
It's one of those hold on and don't fall off moments when they stand and sit. I didn't realize how tall they are until we were standing. It was high!
Pretty sure we were charged the white man /expat price and paid too much. But Carter was so excited and Owen loved the pony. You can't put a price on that. Even Grandma had a good time.

Would I want to ride one of these across the desert?
Nah, I'll stick to the suburban.
Hugs, A

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