Friday, March 18, 2011

Royal Cashmere.

My mom is packing up getting ready to travel back to the States. I just jumped on our blog and realized there is so much to catch up on. I wouldn't call her visit really busy per say, but we did do a lot and had a good time having her stay with us for a month.

Now it will be a challenge to post and update. But perhaps that will be what I need. Something to focus on so I'm not too sad in the coming days when the realization hits once again that we live so stinking far away and she's gone.

My mom and I like to shop. That shouldn't come as a real surprise to any of you. You know me well enough. So while she was visiting we made it to a few of my new favorite places to go downtown.

This little souq sells everything you can imagine from Cashmere and other places. Great tablecloths, runners, fabric, knick knacks, jewelery, clothing, wood carvings and so much more. I believe we made the shop keeper very happy that morning. My mom has since filled a box to take home.

Just look at the walls in this place. Not an inch left uncovered. Every time I go I find something new.Carter didn't have school that morning so he came along. He loved this little camel stool. He also loved the shopkeeper who took him next store for candy.Mom shopping for table runner which she plans to make into curtain panels. There are two walls covered just like this. Ready to come for a visit to go shopping with me yet?
Hugs, A

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The Youngblood Family said...

What great pictures of you and your mom Angie! :)