Thursday, December 23, 2010


A new tradition.
Christmas Sledding in SA.
We spent the afternoon with 10 families out in the desert sledding. I never would have thought people could sled out here. Sand sledding isn't bad at all, alot warmer than snow, and we all had a good time.
We drove about 45 minutes outside of camp into the desert. Even had to slow down for some crossing camels. This is what it looked like on approach.
The trick, Carter and I learned afterwards, is to walk around and then up the dune. Rather than straight up like we did. About five steps, Carter crawling, me right behind him pushing him up, and then a short break and another five steps. I'm telling ya, I wouldn't need a gym if I could just run up these all day.
We packed sleds and cardboard (CB didn't work that great). The boys actually preferred just sliding and rolling down on their bums.
When the cardboard box you brought doesn't work, RUN down the sand dune as fast as you can.
This is how it's done in Saudi.
Sand Angels.
Lawson and Carter. These two are becoming great friends.
Finally, these two were given the opportunity to run and play in the sand until their hearts content. Not a nook was left without sand after this trip.
We ended the afternoon with a small fire and roasted marshmellows (thanks grandma for the package).
It was neat to see a different side of SA. Miles and miles of sand and rolling dunes. Makes me grateful for the camp we live on and how hard they work to make it green and like home for us.
After coming home and shaking all of our clothes out outside, Mike proclaimed "Next time, less pockets."

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The Youngblood Family said...

This is sooooo COOL!!!! The camels crossing is classic and I would love to do some sand sledding.