Saturday, December 4, 2010


I hosted playgroup last week for Owen's friends at a park nearby (just three short blocks). The weather here has been so nice it's just a shame to keep the kids inside. So we loaded up the snacks, fruit boxes and water and met our buddies for a fun morning of two year old tantics and play.
Yes, this is my Owen, the one who has NEVER liked swings. He still doesn't, but finds swinging on his belly by himself entertaining. Baby steps I know.
Here are some of the boys racing down the slides. Owen was kind of a bully that morning and was the first to push another kid down the slide if they didn't go fast enough. I was a bit miffed at him, not believing that my kid was indeed, THAT kid all morning. I think it also has something to do with him being the second child. I now have a firm belief that child 2 is tougher because they have to be. He's not normally the bully, maybe it was just the playground day that made him feel like he was in charge.
Playgroups for Owen and I have been a lifesaver. Carter is off at school and Owen and I get to have a little time to ourselves and meet with our friends. Still astonishes me how many little ones there are here on camp. Our playgroup has atleast 10 mommies and 10 kiddos, and most of us are pretty new here too. Pretty sure I am the youngest one in the group, and have also heard I maybe one of the youngest expats (married with a family) on camp too. Feels weird, but yet, a lot of things just feel weird about being here.
Such is life I suppose.
Hugs, A

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The Youngblood Family said...

Hey Angie. I love the new page layout you have. It looks great. I have a friend that is in Saudi, however, I am not sure if you guys are in the same area. She has a little boy that resembles the little blonde boy in your picture. Her name is Ashley Franklin. Does that name sound familiar?