Friday, December 31, 2010


Every Christmas morning starts with Stockings filled from Santa. Here are the boys in their Christmas jammies checking out their goods.
*This may be the only photo I have of both boys in their Christmas jammies together. Carter loves the stars for his ceiling... and well, pretty much everything in his stocking.Most exciting thing in Owens stocking was the candy cane. Owen LOVES candy canes. Every time we would turn around he'd have one in his mouth plastic and all. I eventually had to remove them from the tree. He also loves his Mickey Mouse cups.

Owen with his camel that Yvette (Our good friends, the same family that picked us up from the airport) gave the boys for Christmas.

This year I made our stockings. I'm really happy with the results. I made them from Indian wedding tapestry. (They take small swatches from Indian wedding dresses and make table runners and tapestry. They are gorgeous, different colors, beading, very detailed and each piece is an original.)

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Anonymous said...

Those stockings are awesome! I can't believe you made those...I guess I should my super talented friend!