Monday, December 6, 2010


A few posts ago I wrote about how I was chosing to be optimistic and things we're good. Today I feel the exact opposite.

Maybe not totally pesimistic. Just totally and completly sad. I talked to my mom last night about a package (well a few that she is shipping) and I am excited and heartbroken at the same time. Is that possible? To be filled with every emotion possible. I miss home terribly, I miss my mom and am sad we won't be back in the States for Christmas.

It was just Carter and I this morning and I had a sad moment. I was sitting on the floor in tears. Along comes Carter. I asked him for a hug and told him I was just sad. He gave me the best hug and asked me why I was sad. I told him I missed grandma. He then replied, "Well, let's go get her." If only it were that easy.

I know this too will pass. I also know days like these are expected and part of the process. But when you are having one of these days, it kinda stinks. I am grateful for a loving three year old Carter who held my hand and consoled my tears this morning.

Mike created this little get up a few days ago during quiet time for Carter. He now requests it each night and will keep it on for hours. I think he looks like a shephard, he calls himself a robot. Watch out he's armed with self created Trio (a kind of block, like lego but so much cooler) gun. He's hunting bad guys.


Lindsay said...

I just thought about calling you but it is already too late...darn that time difference!

Julie said...

The light switches in our house are pretty high, so it will be a while before Jacob can reach them, but I know what you mean. We went to the college campus yesterday so I could drop something off and Jacob could reach something he was always way too short for before. How are our little guys getting to be so big?

lynette said...

Oh, hopefully you're feeling much better by now. Here's hoping for every bad day, you have 100 good ones! Hang in there. We miss you!