Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lights and the Tent.

Tonight it dawned on me,
when did Owen get tall enough to turn the lights on and off?
Seriously, I have no idea when this happened, but tonight he was light happy and was flickering them on and off like a pro.

Yesterday, Carter took the play tent and disappeared into the other room. When I later checked on the boys, it had been too quite for too long, this is how I found them. Carter told me they were going night night in their house. The tent was squished between the couch and chair with blankets and a few toys tucked in the tent as well. Very cozy for two little guys. They continued to play in there all day.

Carter is becoming so creative in the things that he does and loves to use his imagination to play. Owen is usually very happy to follow him around and play the things Carter does. They still fight over silly things, like any set of siblings would, but for the most part they find ways to entertain each other and play together.

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Lindsay said...

When did Owen grow up? He looks so old!