Thursday, December 23, 2010

Polar Express.

We were invited to Polar Express night earlier this week and had SO much FUN. The boys loved it and it really put us all in the holiday mood. It's Christmas time no matter what part of the world we are in.
We came dressed in pj's ready for a "train" ride. First the boys were greeted and handed tickets for the train. We had dinner and then set the movie up. Several pillows, blankets and 16 kiddos all comfy and excited. Owen and Carter were snuggled together and held hands for awhile- awh, melt my heart.
Tickets were punched at the same time as they are in the movie. Then we stopped the movie during the hot chocolate part and had our own hot chocolate and cookies. At the end each child was given a bell. Here they all are with their Christmas bells. The girls, well Moms, from the night. I have met so many amazing people since we arrived and am finally starting to feel like I have a place. That alone, is a Christmas present. Filling the days with friends and holiday traditions has chased away the home sickness. Yes, we are still sad we are not heading home for the holidays. But this is part of the adventure. Making new traditions with our little family and paving our own path. It's been a wonderful holiday season here for us.
Did I mention we also had carolers the other night? Nights like the past few I forget where we are. We are all excited for Christmas and hope you are too. Hugs, A

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D.Lively said...

That was very nice. Glad to hear and see that you are settling in...I loved the melted snowman cookie....did someone make that? It was too cute!! I would love the recipe if you can get it. Merry Christmas to you all!!!