Sunday, December 19, 2010

Shipment Arrival Day.

I mentioned earlier that our shipment from Houston arrived this week. Can I just say that is was amazing.
Amazing in that our things are finally here.
Amazing in that trucks kept pulling up with crates of Dille stuff.
Amazing in that the amount of boxes and shipping supplies covered the ENTIRE front yard.
Amazing in that we had everything unloaded by 12:30- Just in time to avoid the Sand Storm that sat on Dhahran for two days.
There were about 10 workers there to unload and about five of us (3-4 ladies from church came to help.)
This is how it went.
One person stands at the door and checks off an inventory list of boxes. They call out a number, double two five, and then you find it on the list and check off.
Then they carry the box in the house. I had each room numbered. You then tell them which room and off they go. Then you unpack and check things for damage. This continues for hours depending on how much you have. Constantly moving and the pile of trash just builds out the front door.
I was giddy with excitement, serious happy dances down the hallway when they first arrived. By the end, we were happy the boxes stopped. We fed the crew, filled out some paperwork. A few things damaged in the move, a few things missing, which have since then arrived. Then everyone left and Mike and I were left in the now full of stuff without a place house. We made some great headway and then picked up the boys that afternoon.
Carter walked into the house and exclaimed- "Our Stuff is here!"
A few more photos of the trucks and crates.


lynette said...

Ugh! I do not envy you! Cannot tell you ow much I hate moving! But, I'm happy that all (or most) of your things made it there safe and sound. It will be a Merry Christmas for the Dilles for sure! :)

The Youngblood Family said...

Wow-that's alot of boxes! I am glad all of your stuff arrived before the holidays. Now, we need to see pics of all of your stuff inside your new house. :)

Anonymous said... I'm finally realizing it is pretty easy to leave a comment (that is if I'm doing this right!:) I'm so happy all of your stuff arrived! I bet that makes you feel so much better and more like home! I hope to talk to you soon if we don't get a chance to talk this week, I hope y'all have a very Merry Christmas!!! Love you and miss you!

eric + ashlee said...

What's mostly amazing is that you did all that and still managed to decorate for Christmas!