Thursday, December 2, 2010


After two months here, I felt is was time for a wave of updates. Mostly just for us and our blog book, but a little for you too! Afterall, I'm grateful you care for our family enough to keep checking back to see what we are up to.
  • We are moving! No, not back to the States. Just across the street to another modular home in Main Camp. This time with a larger yard and without cable boxes. Should be done on the 8th. We've been watching the progress outside of our window each day and can't wait to finally start getting settled and put some paint on our walls.
  • Our stuff has ARRIVED at PORT! Two weeks early! In an ideal world, our shipment would make it through customs and arrive here at about the same time we can move into the new house. I am going to continue to be optimistic here, and honestly I am just tickled with the thought that all of our things will be here for Christmas.
  • We are really liking our old Suburban. Our "big truck" says Carter. It's been good to us. Although, the stereo leaves much to be desired. It pretty much stinks and everytime you press a button it does something different. No joke. Sometimes it will move a song ahead, then turn it to shuffle and once the same button shot the CD straight out of the stereo. We need an upgrade and are on the hunt.
  • We've made one trip to Bahrain so far and it was a great escape. Bahrain is just a short trip (depending on the borders and customs) over the cause way and is a favorite weekend retreat for expats. This country is also Muslim, but is more liberal, maybe that's the right word. I didn't have to wear an abiya, there is pork, you can get Christmas decorations (A LOT more expensive) and also the latest movies are released there as well. (More details in another post with pictures.)
  • There are a lot of things to like about being here. Mike comes home from lunch almost daily and then is also home by 4:15 most days. It's amazing to have a husband around and the boys LOVE seeing their daddy more.
  • I've been going back and forth about hiring some extra help around the house. Last week, I tried out a new House Boy (yes this is what they are called) for a few hours. He came after lunch and helped clean the floors and bathrooms. It's a little odd, I mean that's my job right? But it was SO nice to have clean floors and to not of mopped them myself. I'm going to have him come next week and then decide if we'll keep this going.
  • After two months I'm beginning to feel more comfortable. I have gone into town by myself with a driver for the past two weeks. I'm starting to get a better lay of the land and already have a few favorite shops.
  • I have a love hate relationship with the abiya, I love the convenience of throwing it on and not worrying about what I wear. I hate that mine doesn't have pockets and sometimes it's just flat out annoying that I can't just go out in cute jeans.
  • We're starting to make friends and that is SO very nice.
  • Seriously, before we moved, I thought 8-10 hours difference wouldn't be bad. But it flat out stinks. It's probably the hardest thing for me to not be able to just pick up the phone and call and talk to family and friends back home when I have a spare moment. My poor mom loves me and sometimes will indulge me and talk for a few moments in the middle of the night.
  • We're starting to cook again, plan meals and are learning to make this work for us. I do believe I am also over cheesebread. I know, crazy huh. I think I had too much of a good thing.
  • We LOVE the weather right now! Perfect. No humidity, in the 70s. A little chilly in the morning, I've turned the heat on in the car twice, but by 11am it's fantastic. We know it won't last long before the summer comes and we bake.We are taking walks, spending time at the park and relishing in this weather.

Life here is so different, but once you slow down it's amazing what happens - An entire change of heart. We can do this. This will be so good for our family. The most important thing I have learned about being here is your attitude makes or breaks you. I chose to be optimistic.

Owen and Carter yesterday on the porch.

Rocking the Shades. Carter 3.5 years old.


lynette said...

I love reading your blog! It reminds me of our experiences overseas. Isn't it interesting that whether or not you love it or hate it is determined by how you CHOOSE to see things.

You are going to cherish these memories your family is making and it will bring you all so much closer together!

I'm so happy for you, Angie!

Lindsay said...

It is always good to hear all the good things. We are missing you here but know you are doing well there. I love seeing pictures of the boys. Tayson will be excited to see the pictures tomorrow during quiet time! We need to catch is always such a bad time when I think of picking up the phone and calling! Also, loved the Christmas card!