Sunday, December 19, 2010

Last Week.

I think it's safe to say that last week was BY FAR the BUSIEST we've had since our move to SA. Really more like a blur of days rather than a week.
Since my last post we have...
  • Received keys to our new house.
  • Hired a contractor to put in recess lighting and do a few other things to the new house- he completed this all in 3 days.
  • Ran back and forth across the street for two days coordinating new and old house things, phone lines, internet, carpenters, home repairs.
  • Then moved small things over by hand and armfull to the new house. We literally moved one box and closet at a time. Also, carried the Christmas tree across the street Grinch style. Wish we had a photo of that one.
  • Cleaned the old and new.
  • Moved to our new house across the street last Sunday.
  • Our SHIPMENT from HOUSTON arrived on Monday! Woot! Woot!
  • Been working to dig ourselves out of the boxes and piles of things that arrived.
  • Spent A LOT of time on the phone with 939 (housing maintanence) to have little things repaired- like the dishwasher. ugh.
  • Now we've been going back and forth trying to get our brand new fridge from the States to work again. ugh again.
  • Attended a Christmas Carol and Live Nativity.
  • Set up the Christmas tree and other decorations. (my trees made it and so did some garland and a few lights- another woot, woot!)

Starting to feel settled finally. Our stuff has arrived in Kingdom and now it feels real. We are really here and so are all of our things. There's no turning back, jumping on a plane and not coming back isn't really an option anymore (Well it really wasn't before either- but now it's really not.)

It's official and with that comes a wave of emotions.

Excitment. Finally a comfy couch! Real Mattresses. Cute curtains. TOYs for the boys.

Anxiety. Where will everything go?

Sadness. Last time I packed my kitchen my mom was there. I miss family.

Disappointment. Is this really all that we have left after 8.5 years? We sold so much when we sold our house.

Gratitude. The ladies from church came to help that morning and were amazing. We were so blessed to have their help. Either watching the boys, dinner, or actually being here to check off boxes from the inventory and unwrap and put away.

Joy. With Christmas decorations up it finally FEELS like Christmas. With only a week to spare.

Things should start to slow down soon and my goal is to have things mostly together for the holiday. For days our feet just ached and it's nice now to have a place to relax and actually put our feet up.

We're not the only ones exhausted. Carter has passed out on the floor several times this week, after proclaiming to me he WAS NOT tired. We are on the brink of giving up nap times (not quiet time though), but moments like this tell me we are not there just yet. Almost. Here, I think he actually slide off of the new leather couch onto the floor and slept through it all. Funny stuff.

More soon. Promise. Hugs, A

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The Youngblood Family said...

Love the updates Angie and I am glad your stuff arrived. :) Carter looks so cute in his tie..he reminds me of Cameron when he was that age.