Saturday, May 22, 2010

Watch out.

Watch out Bieber, there's a new tween king in town.
He's got mic skills, dance moves and can write songs on the spot.

You have to wait about 20 seconds before Carter really starts. I believe there may be a future in this for him. It may just be in home videos, but in my book that totally counts. Singing with the "mic" is our thing in the car together, rocking out to a good song we pass the mic back and forth. Now he goes solo. I'm so proud.

Here are the boys on the same day. Carter telling you about the "fishes swimming in his tummy." Owen showing you where his eyes and such are. Cute boys.

*Post Edit- Em you were totally right. I uploaded the wrong video at first. Being in a hurry and posting at the same time not always the best idea. So here is the new video with him dancing and making up a song.

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Em and Tom said...

Love the video, but you didn't have them singing in it. Am i missing something? Tom got a kick out of the nose picking, go figure!