Sunday, May 30, 2010

Daddy Campout.

Last Friday, Mike took Carter on the stake Father Son Campout. Here they are packed and ready to go. Carter was so excited to be going somewhere with just he and daddy. Mike's rule, just like his dad's growing up, is that you have to be potty trained to go. Sounds like a good rule to me. So Owen stayed home with me and the boys headed out that afternoon.

Mike said Carter had a great time and ran everywhere with the rest of the boys. They even found a snake, which I heard all about the following day from Carter. The night didn't go as expected and Mike came home early with Carter at about 1 am. Turns out Carter loves being outdoors to play but doesn't love sleeping outdoors in a tent. Maybe next year. But they still had a good time together.

The Boys. Tayson Ramage, Johnny Allen, Carter, Will Ramage and David Anderson.
Tayson and Carter.
At the fireside together.This is Carter playing in the garage as Mike packed the car. Owen and I ran a few errands that night and after dinner he got a haircut. The key was dum-dums and Elmo. After wards he washed off in the kitchen sink. I think I'm amazed that he still fit in there. He was a happy boy.

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