Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cooling Off.

Last week I really made an effort to take the boys out to do fun things, knowing that Carter would be out of commission for a few weeks post-surgery. We made it to Chickfila, the gym, a few play dates and back to the splash park. It has been hot here, and I mean hot, already. So the splash park seems to be the biggest hit with the boys. They can play in the water and then run over to the attached playground for hours. Both of them did really great on this day, playing by themselves and with friends. No major meltdowns, just pure fun.

Owen has the greatest baby buddah belly these days.
Carter stopping by for a quick smile and photo. I just bought them new wet/UV blocking shirts from Target and really like them. They match perfect with their Childrens Place swim trunks and the bright colors make them easy to spot in a crowd. Better yet, they were a pretty good deal too.

The end of the day, wrapping things up and getting ready to go.
I really enjoy spending time with my boys and being outside with them. Afternoons like this are what I live for as a mommy.

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