Friday, May 14, 2010

Just some things.

Just some things about our boys right now...Carter
  • Plays with his food literally. Names the pieces of his hot dogs the names of family members and his friends. Then he chases them around with a few "aw" and "oh's" before he eats them.
  • Last week we were driving in the car when I had a little road madness with a not nice guy in a big truck. I was mumbling things under my breath and from the back of the car Carter says, "mommy no more talking." Good reminder for me to hush up.
  • While eating goldfish yesterday, he looked at Mike and said "the fish swim in my tummy."
  • At breakfast this morning he growled like a tiger (which he does ALL of the time) and then proceeded to tell us, "Tiger eat cheerios... with a spoon and pancakes."
  • He loves to get right in your face to tell you things. I mean nose to nose and keeps his eyes wide open without blinking. No matter what he tells you he says it in a serious tone and nods his head up and down. Cracks me up every time.
  • He's learned to make funny faces and announces to you they are funny and he's learned how to cross his fingers, or rather knows now about crossing fingers.
  • You can get him to do most things by either having him race you, or asking him how fast he can do it, then we count, 1-2-3-go!
  • His favorite number is 5. As in, mommy play five more minutes.
  • He loves dinosaurs, "tiger chips" (Cheetos), stickers and leaves.
  • Loves to brush his teeth. Every chance he gets he dashes off to the bathroom, pushes the stole over or stands on his tippy toes, pulls the drawer out and gets the toothpaste and both toothbrushes. We brush teeth and half of the time he runs and puts them back.
  • Today he made a stinky and ran off, grabbed a diaper and brought it to me. The time may have come to start potty training... maybe.
  • He has a knack for getting into things, rather than getting out. He gets stuck in the slates of his crib at least once a week and even managed to get his leg caught in the small triangle of a little kids folding chair.
  • He's discovered a love for petting our dog.
  • Can now crawl in and out of our master bathtub and up and down from our bed.
  • We are frequent Subway eaters in our home. Owen knows each of the ladies and flirts with them playing peekaboo over the counter each time we go. I'm hoping one of these days they'll hook us up with a free cookie for his cuteness. He also races to the drink station for a lid and straw to play with each time. It's the little things in life.
  • Has discovered his nose and that he can now stick his finger in it. Fascinating and even better if you're not looking he'll stick his finger in your nose too. He thinks it's hilarious.
  • Loves fruit still and would eat nothing more than fruit all day long everyday if we let him.
  • Add shoes, cheese, turtle, fruit bar, bread and "I'm stuck" to his growing vocabulary.

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Em and Tom said...

That was fun. I like feeling like I know them even though we only see you every so often. What would we do without blogs? I'm glad I finally got on the band wagon.