Monday, May 24, 2010

"That" Mom.

Today (well maybe a few days this past week) I've been feeling more and more like "that" mom. The one others may look at and think, "I can't believe her kids are acting like that."

Normally, this would bother me. But something has changed. Maybe it's come with having two boys, but I don't seem to care as much. Instead of getting mad or embarrassed I find it all hilarious and just seem to roll with the punches.

We met our good friends for lunch this afternoon at a local Mexican restaurant. It's a new place we've never been. Big covered patio, fountain, playground and turns out AMAZING green salsa.

Owen loved the salsa and at several points during lunch picked it up and tried to drink it, and dipped his chicken tenders in it as well. Like I said, amazing salsa. Lisa snapped a photo of him on her phone. He's still cute covered in the stuff.
Lunch went well, we chatted, the babies hung out at the table with us and the boys ran a muck on the playground. Yes, we were watching and they didn't terrorize anyone or scream at any one, they just played.

At one point I turned to see where they were, it was quiet, not a good sign with little boys. And through the slates in the playground I could see two little boys standing in the corner, shorts around their ankles peeing.

Yup, that's right. Peeing in public. My son. Hmm. At least he was in the corner, right? I'm pretty sure, or well I hope, we were the only ones that noticed. What would you do? After picking myself up from laughing I trotted to the other side of the playground and covered the boys while sliding shorts back up. When you gotta go, you gotta go. I have come to realize that I am officially a mom of boys.

I mentioned a fountain on the patio earlier. Both boys were running back and forth between the water and slide, like the rest of the kids, hanging over the side splashing water. Who's great idea was it to have a toddler size fountain by the playground anyways?

At the end of lunch as we were paying our bills we look over to see both boys IN the fountain! Yup, that's right, once again MY SON. Soaked. Dripping.
And his reply was, "mom I go swimming."
I was a bit embarrassed this time, really, REALLY Carter?
Until the waiter came over and told me with a calm voice, "It happens all the time."
Through all of this, a patio full of crazy kiddos, moms and few business people sitting on the opposite side of the restaurant, no one seemed to care or take notice (maybe they did and I was too involved dealing with and laughing at, to notice.) So we made the walk of shame to the car, one step at a time, leaving small puddles where we walked.

The food was good, the atmosphere was very kiddo friendly and the company was great. Despite all of the mishaps, or "events" the boys had a great time too. I mean who wouldn't want to pee outside and swim in a fountain all in one hour?

I've come to realize that life is too short to freak out at times. You pick your battles and sometimes, just sometimes, it's best to laugh it off and walk your soaking wet little boy to the car, stripe him down to an extra pair of undies and drive home knowing that today you were "that" mom and that IS ok.

*Not all days are like this, normally my kids are pretty well behaved.

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Em and Tom said...

As a mom of three boys I loved this post! Too true. I used to hate the saying "boys will be boys," but I think I'm starting to understand it better every year.