Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Tomorrow we take Carter in to have his tonsils removed. He has what the ENT refers to as "kissing tonsils." We believe this is a contributing factor to his ear issues, breathing and snoring problems. We are hoping that by having them removed he will be able to breath easier and be more comfortable. It's not something we wanted to do. So far he's had two sets of ear tubes and his adenoids removed and this is the next step. (Did you know adenoids can grow back?)

He's a tough guy and we have a lot of trust in our ENT. We check into the hospital first thing in the morning. I'm a little nervous, not about the actual surgery, this will be his third, I suppose I am more worried about everything after wards and the recovery. I've been told lots of cold, soft things for him to eat. Did I mention we discovered he has an allergy to milk. That limits a lot of the cold, soft things to eat. Today I was able to find some soy based yogurt, pudding and ice cream. But as Mike put it, well something like this, "Man, they really kick you while your down. You can't eat the real stuff, so they charge you more for the soy crap." We hope it tastes good, because at double the price it should taste better. :)

So I'm hoping we're ready for this. I haven't told Carter what we are doing in the morning. I plan to wake him up, put on sweats and take him straight to the car. Maybe he'll forget about being thirsty or hungry if we avoid the kitchen at all costs. I'll post an update tomorrow to let you know how he's doing. I have every confidence that he will be alright, but even with that, please keep our little man in your prayers. Hugs, A

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Em and Tom said...

I found myself tearing up, and then laughing at Mike!