Wednesday, May 19, 2010


We have a pretty solid bedtime routine with the boys.
Shower. Pj's. Teeth brushing.
Story (usually where the wild things are).
Song (wheels on the bus, popcorn popping or cottage).
Prayer. Dille handshake. Hugs and Kisses. Night-Night.
I have always thought kids and most adults :) do well on routines. My kids especially thrive on them. They know what to expect and can anticipate the next activity. With this being said, as they have both gotten older we're able to have more flexibility. Let's be honest with both boys being just 16 months apart the first year there wasn't much flexibility. There couldn't be, for my sanity and their survival we all needed to know what was coming next. But now we can skip an occasional nap, stay out a little later, stay up later, I wish there was more sleeping in, but there is a chance to add a little spontaneity to the routine. It also helps that busy season is finally over and Mike has been able to make it home in time for bedtime about half of the week.

Carter almost 3, showing off his McQueen before bedtime.
Carter in his big boy bed has finally started to test the system and is pushing the limits of bedtime. He tries every trick in the book to stay up a little longer, potty, drink, hug, kiss, book, car... you name it, he's tried it or I'm sure he will soon enough. We're holding strong and put him back into bed. This also goes for nap time, where I have now resorted to calling is "quiet time" you don't have to sleep but you have to rest in your room and be quiet. I plan to keep this up, this is one mommy who will stick to her guns with bed times and nap times.

Owen at 19 months is getting better at the bed time thing. Remember he has always been my cry himself to sleep kid. Happy all day, walk into the room at night and cry, sort of kid. He's been doing really well for the past six months. He may occasionally cry for a minute or two, but as long as he has his blankie he seems to settle down quickly. Some nights he'll play in his crib for an hour before falling asleep. He also sleeps until 8 in the morning pretty regularly, which I love. I wish Carter would still do that. Some mornings when I go into get him he'll roll over and put his thumb in his mouth. I then ask if he's ready to get up and he'll look at me with his adorable face and say "no" in his tiniest toddler voice. I can't get enough of him. Really, where have the last 19 months gone? To me he's still my baby and if it were my choice I would still snuggle with him all of the time.For the past few days we've had several thunderstorms rolling through the area. At first they scared Carter. I admit sometimes they scare me. Mike has helped Carter to find a fun side of the storms. They now refer to the lighting and thunder like characters in his favorite movie. "McQueen and Ka-chow." Instead of being scared, for the most part, he runs to the window yelling "lets go see Lightening Mcqueen." Here's a little video from the other night.

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Em and Tom said...

Fun stuff. While I was reading this I just kept thinking how you are such a good mom.