Monday, April 6, 2009


My mom bought Carter a tent from Ikea last week. He loves it. It takes up a large section of my not so big living room, in which I do not love. But it keeps him happy and that I do love.
After setting up the tent Carter climbed into play with all of his cars. I put Owen down on the ground about three feet away with a few of his toys to play with and walked into the kitchen to work on lunch. I turned around to see Owen now in the tent with Carter.
Hmm, that's strange.
I asked my mom, "Did you move Owen into the tent with Carter?"
She replied "no."
Just then I turned to watch Carter grab Owen by his ankles and drag him the rest of the way into the tent. Owen every bit content and happy with the nontraditional invitation to play.
Only when Carter was done playing, he signed "all done" and then proceeded to push Owen out of the tent. All the while Owen was smiling. Good thing our second child has been blessed with patience and a tolerance for his older brother.


lynette said...

Taking up space in your living room is a small price to pay for happy kids I'd say! Your boys are scrumptious!

Kathy said...

LOL that made me laugh thank you!!
Those boys are so cute!