Thursday, April 2, 2009

On the News.

Last Friday the local ABC affiliate station in Houston, KTRK channel 13, came to the house to interview me about a website I frequent, freepeats. I also have this website listed on the sidebar of my blog under blogs and sites you'll love.
The story should air tonight or this evening. I am setting my DVR in hopes to catch the segment. When they came for the interview I was still sick and had a very soft raspy voice so I'm a little worried about how is translated on video. They were here for about an hour, took some B roll footage of my boys playing and then interviewed me sitting on the floor holding Owen. The reporter kept telling me how cute the boys were, so hopefully they'll get more air time than me. Also I wanted to put them in matching shirts, but Mike vetoed that.
Carter was pretty shy the entire time they were here.
So this is how I spent my birthday morning. I dashed around the house cleaning and scrubbing, thank you mom for helping, because I only had two hours after they called before they showed up. When they called we were all eating breakfast in our pjs. But we pulled it off, everyone was showered, dressed and looking good, along with our house, fresh vacuum lines and all. I'm excited to see the segment.
She also interviewed a few other people, so most likely our local claim to fame will be about 10 seconds. :) So if you're watching don't blink, you might miss the Dille's on TV.

Here we are sitting on the floor during the interview. The reporter was sitting at the table asking me questions before she moved to the chair on the right.

The idea of freepeats is similar to freecycle. It's for moms to trade children, baby and maternity items for free. When I signed up I received a free lifetime membership and I believe after this story runs they will be offering memberships for free in Houston for a week. It's easy to use and during this economic crunch it's a great outlet to save a few bucks. I've received coupons and some baby items, and have also given away formula and some baby gadgets that I no longer used. Freepeats forums are available all over the country in different cities so check it out and become a member. The creator of this site is also the author of babycheapskate, another site that I frequent to help stretch our dollars.
*POST EDIT: So the story didn't run Thursday night. The reporter, Patricia, has her stories run on Tuesday and Thursdays. So most likely it will run this coming Tuesday. Keep your eyes peeled for us and when it does run I'll post a link. So we're not famous yet, almost. :)


Jeanette said...

One of my friends gave her tvs away on freecycle recently. She thought the kiddos were doing too much tv time. I guess she will miss the segment, but I'll dvr it! :)

Cody and Jessie said...

Wow! That's random and awesome! Too bad I don't live in Texas to watch it :( I'm impressed you got yourself, the kids, and the house together that quickly - and then were able to be interviewed and not be nervous. I woudn't have been able to pull it off! Freecycle sounds like a nifty concept. I'll have to see if there is something like that here in Utah.

The Youngblood Family said...

That is awesome!!! I just read your post, so that means I missed the news too. I will have to go to ABC and see if I can find the clip.

lynette said...

That's awesome! How'd you get chosen? I'd love to see the segment if you can find a link.

Angie and Mike said...

The creator of the site sent an email out to a few of the members. I replied and told her I had a degree in PR and use to be a marketing manager in Houston so I had a little experience with interviews and such. She sent my name and another persons to the reporter. Just lucky I guess.

I think that sort of stuff is fun! I almost worked for KHOU, but most news folks don't make very much and I was looking for the big bucks. :)

Angie said...

I'm so glad you had fun doing the interview. I really appreciate it.

Did they air the story? I can't wait to see!