Monday, April 13, 2009

Mini Giant.

Carter is unusually tall for an almost two year old and can reach everything. He's like the "mini-giant." Even when my cup full of water is on the center of the island, yup, he manages to reach it. Then pour it all over himself and the floor while trying to get a drink. He's soaking wet and so is half of my kitchen. Instead of getting mad, I was grateful my drink wasn't red and just laughed and took a picture to capture the adventure. You'll also notice he is wearing Mikes shoes. He is fascinated with shoes and we don't wear shoes in the house. So we've had to put a lock on the closet downstairs with the shoes, if not he'd have every pair out and on his feet. Since he was about a year he's loved them and has been able to pick out pairs that match. He's actually pretty good walking around in other peoples shoes, except my church heels still give him a hard time.

Owen loves the excersaucer. He has some competition with Carter, who now has decided it is more fun to sit on top of it rather than in it. Just after this picture it toppled over. Don't worry no one was hurt.Feeding solids. That alone is an adventure and so is cleaning up the aftermath. This week I've been working with Owen to learn how to sit. He's getting better, but still flops over after a short time. But we're making progress and he's constantly doing baby sit ups so I know he's ready. Carter is the funniest person Owen knows. Really, he watches him like a hawk and any attention Carter gives him he fills with laughter and the largest smiles. This can become a challenge when Carter is doing something he really shouldn't be. Like flinging his fork around during dinner, Owen giving him a reaction adds full to his fire. But other times it's fantastic, Owen cries, Carter runs to him and pats him on the tummy or back and talks to him. Owen laughs and no more crying. Now when we take pictures Carter wants to sit in Owens lap. They both had a good time with this one.Owen had a few rough days last week fighting the virus/cold that both Carter and I also had. The afternoon of this picture he was miserable and fighting sleep, so I wrapped him up and snuggled him while he cried and finally gave into sleep. My mom watched the boys on Saturday while Mike and I went to the temple. As she was feeding Owen before bedtime, Carter opened the pantry and took this little basket and filled it with fruit snacks and his cars. He then began waving goodbye and repeatedly told her "bye-bye" as he shut the pantry door and turned, walked out of the room and headed up the stairs. A month ago he would've tried to carry all of this in his hands and thrown a fit when he got up two stairs and began losing his stash. Now he uses baskets, empty wipe containers or tote bags to carry more things at once from the first to second floor.

You don't always have to leave the house for an adventure. The boys make sure that each day we do something new creating our very own daily Dille home adventures. I can't even remember what is was like before we had kids... sigh, I believe the house was a lot cleaner.


lynette said...

the adventures of motherhood! your boys look so handsome in their easter ties! hope you are doing well!

The Youngblood Family said...

Caroline reaches for everything too! The other day I heard a bang and when I came into the kitchen she had reached for the cake container (which had cake in it) and knocked it over. Thankfully there was a lid on it!!!! :)