Tuesday, April 28, 2009


We took a short trip this past weekend to visit my mom in San Antonio and introduce our boys to Shamu at Sea World. Carter is such an animal lover he was in heaven, for the most part, minus a few meltdowns because he missed his nap. Carter also loved all of the time he had with Mike and I believe Mike was impressed by the massive amount of energy it takes to keep up with Carter.
We visited the dolphins, the horses, the mini aquarium to see fish and sharks And of course Shamu. Owen however slept through the Shamu show Believe, which was ok by me. Owen was wide awake and maybe even more entertained with the Viva show, with loud music, divers and dolphins.
Carter played at the splash pad and had a great time cooling off...
While Owen hung out with Grandma in the shade.
Mike wins the daddy of the year award for his heroic efforts at Sea World. In the little Shamu section of the park designed for kids there is a large ship with nets and tunnels about 25 feet in the air. Once you enter the array of tunnels it's a long way from one side to the other and only one way in and one way out. Carter headed in and Mike and I split up to cover both exits, just in case, can't lose your eye on a toddler in a large amusement park for a second. Carter got half way through and lost his shoe in the netting and then got his foot stuck. Our little man was there alone in the netting crying, while larger kids climbed over him. Mike ran from the exit to the entrance and scaled the netting and sped through the tunnels like lightening to save Carter, and then like a super dad climbed through the rest of the tunnels with Carter while I waited for them at the exit. How blessed are we to have such a kind and speedy husband and father to care for us. Thanks for being a super dad Mike.
At the end of the day we loaded everyone into the car and before we made it out of our parking row both boys were fast asleep.

This was my moms last weekend in San Antonio so while we were there we helped her pack everything and move out. She's in the process of looking for another travel nursing position and will most likely be leaving Texas. We were fortunate enough to have her here for six months, long enough for me to feel like a have a little footing and can manage both boys now. She was a great help and support and although she only came about twice a month, it was nice to know if I needed her she could jump in the car and get here. We'll all miss her, her yippey dog, well we won't miss Molly as much.
While packing Carter found other ways to entertain himself. Where's Carter?

I thought the safest place for Owen during the moving process would be in the portocrib. That was until Carter pushed the suitcase over to it and used it as a stepping stool to climb in with Owen.

I hear this a lot, "That's one happy baby." Very true.

The drive home was long but we discovered having two kids in the car has its advantages. For the last hour and half in the car both boys were awake and played together in their car seats. Laughing and smiling and sharing whatever toys Carter would let Owen have. We had a really great weekend and it was nice to get out of Houston for once.


adogsdream said...

your mom has ANOTHER dog named Molly? Isn't this Molly #3?

Angie and Mike said...

No, she's only ever had the one Molly. She's now 13 years old and yappy. But with my mom traveling so much it can only be expected.

The Youngblood Family said...

Seaworld.... that is the best place!!! I love all of the pictures and I bet Carter had a blast playing in the water.