Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Six Months.

I've been meaning to post about Owen hitting his six month milestone for awhile now. I'm still just amazed how quickly six months went by and that my little baby is now an infant and changing so much every day. At his six month check up all was well. He is doing ok on development, but a little behind on a few things. I have to remember he is a month behind gestational wise so we need to allow for the extra month. Every baby moves at their own pace and when Owen is ready he'll hit each developmental milestone.In honor of being six months here are six things about our little man.
  1. He's the happiest little guy there is. He's always smiling and when he's not it doesn't take much to get him to. He also still does this insanely cute little side smile and most of his smiles are huge and fills up his cute face and chubby cheeks. For the most part he goes with the flow and loves to watch everything. He's content and happy to roll on the floor, loves to be held and snuggled, and gets a kick out of playing with Carter.
  2. He's starting to fall into a more consistent routine now and boy are we grateful for that. He usually takes a short 15-30 min. nap in the morning, either at the gym or in the car. Followed by a long nap after lunch during Carters nap that ranges from 2-3 hours. At night, he will sleep for a solid ten hours and will sometimes wake up to eat and then go back down for another 2 hours. For a little guy he doesn't seem to sleep that much during the day, but as long as he takes a good nap and sleeps at night I'm happy. He's still an avet thumbsucker and prefers to be walked rather than rocked.
  3. He loves bananas, pears and learning to love sweet potatoes. Not a big fan of rice cereal.
  4. He's moving, slowly, but scooting with his head down and on the floor he pushes off on his tippy toes and slides a little. Still waiting for the rug burn to appear on his forehead and I'm hoping sometime soon for his sake he figures out how to lift his head while on his knees. If all else fails he's a solid roller and will go from one side of the room to the other.
  5. Teeth- he's got em! Two little bottom teeth have just appeared in the last four days. The first one on Saturday and the second one this morning.
  6. Bald no more. His hair is starting to grow back in from his hair cut and is beginning to even out with the top mowhawk. It's even starting to lighten up. I don't think he'll be a blonde, just a light brunette. He still has a little baldish spot in the back, but that too is starting to fill in with fine little baby hairs. I love that my babies have hair and I love panteine prov hair gel for styling their little cool men do's. The lady at the gym still calls him Jimmy Neutron and he still has a great mowhawk.Six Month Stats. Height 27 in., Weight 18 lbs. 9 oz. , FOC 44cm all within the 50-75%.

Owen has been full of surprises from the moment we found out I was pregnant. It was another surprise when he came a month early and spent two weeks in the NICU. A surprise that as soon as he came home it felt like he had always been here. Life is more of challenge with two children. How do you split up the time between both and doubting yourself about how you are managing your time. I've discovered it is possible to love each of them the same and differently. I've been stretched farther than I thought possible and each day Owen teaches me that I can stretch further and that I can learn more patience and compassion and selflessness. What a wonderful sweet spirit he has and a blessing it is to have him in our home and in our little family.


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