Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Floors.

This past weekend we pulled out the carpet and put in new wood floors. We decided to take out the carpet in hopes that it would help Carter's allergies and would contribute to getting rid of the dark purple circles he always seems to have under his eyes. At this point I'm willing to try everything.
This is Carter with his working gear on.
So Friday night Mike and I pulled up the carpet, pad, tack strips and Mike put down the plastic underlay. Look below, see I totally helped! At this point I was still a little nervous about our decision and if we would really be able to finish it on Saturday.

Mike decided to "tag" our living room before installation.

Saturday morning Scott came over to help lay the actual flooring. Mike and Scott are the "dream team" and were able to get so much done quickly. They were done with the flooring by 1, and then Mike and I installed the corderround and I painted the baseboards, a wall in the living room and touched up paint in the dining room. It was a very productive day. The only thing left to install are the transitions, but Mike made those and we have to stain them before he can lay those. We're really pleased with how they look. I just need to find a rug that I like that I can still throw in the washer.
So what do you think?
Living room before.
Living room after. I think it really makes both rooms look larger.
Dining room before.Dining room after. Now I feel like we can actually eat in here and not have to worry about spilling. Carpet in dining rooms seem so odd to me.
Now I'm still working on cleaning everything and getting rid of the dust this project created. It's really given me the extra push and urgency to start our spring cleaning.


Sarah said...

I love it! It is beautiful! I love having a handy man around... Ü

lynette said...

Oh! I love it! And you're right, it makes the rooms look bigger.

The Youngblood Family said...

The rooms look AWESOME!!! Your living room looks huge now. You and Mike make one awesome team! :)