Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A little of our day.

Just thought we would share a little of our day with you. They are both playing with a strainer, I'm telling you the best toys around are the ones already in the pantry. Have I mentioned lately how good of a hugger Carter has become? He knows how to give a pretty awesome hug and loves his brother. If you listen closely you can hear Owen growling. It's his new baby talk. The way these two interact each day cracks me up and I can tell that they are on their way to becoming the best of friends.


stacibee said...

Ha, ha! What sweet brothers! I love it Ang!

Cody and Jessie said...

So cute! Your boys are DARLING. It's one of my favorite things too, to watch Ava and Cohen interact - it makes me happy to see them becoming little buddies. Cohen is a little growler too! Boys are so funny.

The Youngblood Family said...

Angie... That is the sweetest video! Your boys are so cute and I can't believe how big Owen is getting. How many months is he now? I love his hair. :)