Wednesday, January 18, 2012


We have SNOW!
and some very excited little boys!
 Making snowballs. 
 We were almost fully equipped for the snow. Every thing minus snow boots. Owen lost a tennis shoe half way through the yard and then a mitten. 
I put Carter in a pair of my boots. He complained at first, but when Owen started loosing shoes I think he was grateful. In fact they both complained about the snow bibs at first. My kiddos had no idea that is in fact a key choice for outdoor snow attire.
Carter told me, "people are going to make fun of me." 
But once again, when we got outside that was the last of that. Just happy little boys rolling around in, stomping and running through, snow ball making and having a blast in our morning winter wonderland.

Finally... A REAL snow angel!  
Winter has finally arrived for us in Idaho. About time, we'd had enough of just cold. Some how the snow makes the cold worth it.
Happy Winter!
Hugs, A

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Em and Tom said...

hey! we are in Idaho!!!