Friday, January 13, 2012

Happenings from the week.

Happenings from the past week or so.
It's cold. I knew it would be cold, but I think I forgot what cold really feels like.
We had one morning of snow, which lasted until the afternoon. But we did enjoy the big fat flakes for the hour we had them here.  
Last Saturday I loaded the car with the boys and we were off for the day. We survived, the distribution center, the mall- several stores and the food court, Costco and an icee run. I think I just needed to be out and around people that  today. However the mini nap Owen took from Eagle to Costco kept him up until 10 p.m. Seriously, it's like this kid doesn't need sleep.
We got Mike's dad a snuggie for Christmas. He finally busted it out and Owen promptly informed him it was Mike's (Mike got one for himself too) and to take it off. Took some convincing for Owen to realize they both have one.
At one point almost daily Owen, Carter and I all comment about how much we miss Mike
We talked again, like we do almost daily,  about when daddy comes back, when the baby comes and when we all go back March 11. Carter said that was 'so long away' and he missed his friends.
On the way home from shopping and stopping for ic's at BK, the boys and I were talking dinner plans. Chicken nuggets and turkey sandwiches. Carter then requested mac and cheese. I told him I wasn't a short order cook and that mommy was only making one thing. Owen pipes in, "Daddy makes LOTS of things!"
The boys are really enjoying preschool in the afternoons. With preschool has come the big transition for Owen- No naps! It's sad really. But at the same time, no nap for Owen means he actually goes to bed at night. I mean, lay down and really fall asleep and fast. No battles for bedtime on school days. So both boys have been going to bed between 7-7:30 p.m. and it's a relief. Most nights they sleep for 12 hours. However lately, they are switching off and I seem to have little visitors in my bed and room several times throughout the night.
I've also discovered if I separate them at bedtime they both fall asleep much faster. So each night Owen falls asleep on my bed and then I transfer him over to the room with Carter. I figure for now, if this provides me with a bit of sanity it is worth it and we will deal with the results back in the sandbox when they are falling asleep in the same room again. I caught this little moment of Owen the other night.
We are all going to the gym in the mornings about four days a week. It's fantastic to have gym day care again and they boys usually run right in. Mostly, because their cousins are usually in there too. I am taking it easy at the gym, my boot camp days have come and gone. I am doing some Zumba, but even with that I am in the back with the old ladies working on low impact moves. It's actually pretty comical to watch this eight month pregnant body try to wiggle my hips to the music. 
We facetime with Mike almost daily now. So glad for that. Carter now asks Mike each facetime, to see the status of his bunk bed, and then Carter proceeds to go down the list of things that Mike has to finish this month. "Show me the babies room painted pink... show my her bed..." and if Mike hasn't completed the task, he then says " WHaaaaa- AT??? What are you doing dad?" I promise I do not put him up to this but find it hilarious. Sorry Mike, no pressure, promise.
Hugs, A

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