Monday, January 30, 2012

Another Week or So Gone By.

Another week has come and gone and we are another week closer to having a baby.
Over the past few weeks I have taken my feelings of "nesting" and focused on a few projects while also enlisting the help of my awesome mom.
In just a week, four hooded bath towels, over 50 burp clothes (I plan to save some of these as gifts for the baby boom happening on camp), seven receiving blankets and a small quilt for the baby. Mike's parents are in middle of busy season and spend most nights late at the office. So once the boys are in bed I've spent a few hours sewing and cutting patterns. Maybe it makes me feel productive, or just gives me something to do with my hands, either way it's been a bit therapeutic for me.
Here is the pile of homemade craftiness.  
 Some of the burp cloth fabrics.
 The quilt. Originally I bough this fabric for a car seat cover and then decided to make a blanket. I found some matching pink minke fabric for the other side and satin blanket binding. We added batting and then ties to keep it together. Really my mom busted out this beauty the last morning she was here.
This past week I also had an ultrasound to check on the measurements of the baby and then another OB visit. Both pretty eventful. Maybe more than I'd want them to be.
The ultrasound photos are below. Baby is estimated to be about 6.4 lbs last Tuesday. Her head is measuring 1.5 ahead, but still much smaller than the boys. So there is hope.
 At my OB appointment on Friday I found out that my Braxton Hicks have been more productive than I had hoped. I am now dilated to a 3, not so bad, right? But with being dilated I am also 50% effaced. We then had the conversation where the doctor told me if I start to have contractions regularly to not "labor at home," but to come right in. She has a feeling that when my body decides to labor, the baby will come fast.
I called Mike and woke him up in the middle of the night. (It was 3 p.m my time.) I'm a tad nervous and wanted to make sure he was on alert too.
So this past weekend I have begun to wash all things baby, set up the room and started to pack my bag for the hospital. I am hoping that if I am ready to go, nothing will happen. I still have a few more things to pick up tomorrow, but progress is being made.
No more Zumba classes for me and a very limited gym list of can do's. My mom pretty much told me not to go to the gym until she gets here this weekend. But sometimes I think I go to the gym more for the boys too. It will be an interesting week. If you've been reading my blog long or know me well enough, you know the gym is my happy place. And, I NEED a happy place right now.
I do have a fantastic husband who is working late nights to finish the boys bunk bed before he comes here. He's working hard on getting our home in the sandbox ready and I know he missed us as much as we miss him.
He's sent me my favorite chocolates and last Monday he surprised me with sending a sweet bouquet of flowers. Here's my cute mom holding them. I was not so cute that day, so no photo with me.
There are so many other things to update and post. But let's face it, I am slowing down and am tired. I think Owen has finally conceded and fallen asleep. So while the boys are down I plan to tuck myself into bed as well. Owen was sick last night, so I am looking forward to more than two solid hours of sleep and sleeping in fresh clean sheets.
Hugs, A

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