Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Baby Moon.

Happy New Years and Baby Moon.
A quick photo right before we snuck out for the night.
This may have been one of our first times to leave our kids overnight.
We headed into town and stopped for dinner.
We checked into a hotel and enjoyed the peace and quiet time together.
We slept in and it was awesome.
With a baby on the way we know our days are limited to do all of the above.
We relished our New Years/ Baby Moon.

Perhaps if our little lady decides to wait to come until the middle of February we might be able to sneak out again. Did I mention how nice it was?

Even the boys loved having a sleepover with Grandma and Pappa. Funny thing is, that was the one morning the entire week that Carter did not wake up at 6 a.m.

Baby Moon Resolutions.
1. Get Organized. This is even more of a challenge not at your own house and knowing you will have less than a month here and then head back across the world.
2. Hold out. No baby until Mike gets back.
3. Slow down enough to take it all in. Pregnancy is a miracle. Having a little person poke you from the inside out, keep you up with hiccups is a miracle and such a blessing. Five years ago I thought we could only have one baby. Carter would be it. But the Lord has provided, not once, twice and soon to be a third time.  We feel so blessed to be pregnant with our third miracle.

New Years Resolutions.
1. Love more. Be kind and patient.
2. Kick the baby weight out the door by the end of next year. I have no shame, but this extra weight will have to go.
3. Honestly, one of my biggest goals will be to survive the next year with three little ones. I hope that amongst the surviving we will be able to relish the small moments and make those moments count. I know our children will only be little for so long.

Hugs, A

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Marie said...

You will do great with 3! Adding the third is about a thousand times easier than adding the second. And we need to hang out. But not right now because we have the stomach flu. But SOON!