Saturday, January 14, 2012


Baby Updates.
I am now 34 weeks pregnant. 3-4. I am rounding the end and getting ready to bring this baby home. I am excited and nervous all at the same time.
Baby bump at 34 weeks thanks to the Itouch.  
I had another OB apt. this week. I am continuing to dilate, this week I am at a 2. But not effacing yet, so she doesn't seem too worried, but decided to start seeing me weekly to keep checking. My blood pressure was high yesterday too. Not out of the normal range, but high for me. I'm under a bit of stress holding down the boys and the fort by myself is challenging and I would lie if I told you it wasn't taking its toll on me.
I'm only measuring about a week ahead, so I'm hoping our little lady will be smaller than the boys were. I am scheduled to go have an ultrasound in the next two weeks to check and see how big she really is to better plan if we will be induced or not. (Although my OB did tell me she would induce at 39 weeks, so that is Feb. 16 at the latest.)
I ordered the CUTEST little ruffle bottom diaper cover and matching headband for Baby girls newborn photos. I'm giddy with excitement!
My mom came into town for two days.  We started the car seat covers for the baby, made superhero pillow cases for the boys and I am working on hooded bath towels. I have yet to make a headband for our little lady. I have to admit I may not for awhile, I am tired.
Carter and his Superman pillow case.
Owen and Batman pillow case.
Today (Saturday) I managed to knock out a few more towels and finish up the base of the other car seat cover. The only thing left are the straps, which because we have worked so hard on them I don't want to mess it up, I plan to wait to finish the straps until my mom comes back this week.
Here are the two patterns we made. Both undersides are black and white polka dots. I am in love with the large ric rac. I decided the covers should coordinate with the car seat, a bit compulsive? most likely. The new car seat is black, white, red and a damask pattern. I am in love with it. Girly and sophisticated all at the same time.
I've sorted through baby clothes (dividing sizes into groups - I'm planning to take back enough clothes and such to last at least until August when we come back to the States for our 2012 repat) and am starting to think about packing my hospital bag and what to bring our little lady home in. I haven't started washing yet, I'm counting on another visit from my mom to tackle that task, along with making burp cloths.
The shopping and nesting continue. I have two boxes already packed and ready to take back in March to the sandbox. One with "holiday lights" that I am so lucky we found a few days after Christmas! I plan to take 8-10 and know that I need a head start if I am going to be able to really knock out our list of things to take back.
Mike is busy nesting for me back in the sandbox. He purchased the baby bath tub and ya know what, he bought it in pink. It was his first pink purchase. He is currently working on painting and other details in the baby room- I can't share all the details, but it's going to awesome! You want occasional surprises, I know you do.
Happy Thoughts for tonight! (I really need one today, this afternoon I feel pretty crappy and the boys have been ruthless.) *Side note* I started this post last night Friday and am finishing it on Saturday. Today has been better than last night. 
I got a haircut this week. I feel refreshed and a bit lighter. I took an inch off and added more, shorter bangs. Sometimes you just need a little change. That was one of those days.
Boots, I finally have boots. I've been talking about wanting boots for months!!! Cute boots, tall boots, tuck your skinny jeans or leggings into boots. Three pairs- Merry Christmas from Mike, and these boots in the winter make me happy.
So even if I have gained 30 lbs and am carrying around what looks like a watermelon at least I feel skinny and cute in the boots, the boots that I will be able to continue to wear even after delivery. It's the little things I tell you, the little things that will get me through.
Hugs, A

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