Monday, January 30, 2012

Today at 36.5 weeks.

I woke up this morning and was feeling terribly "off." Which made me a bit nervous. But, No baby today. hurray.
Just a long Target shopping trip by myself with the boys in school, seriously, hours just strolling slowly knocking off things on my shopping/hospital/nesting/packing/repat list. They are having a baby sale this week and that sucks me into the store even more. Can I just say, how great it is to be back in the States and able to drive myself where I want to go, to go in the clothes I am wearing and go in the afternoon. All three things that living in the Sandbox really doesn't allow. I guess in a nutshell I'm enjoying the freedom of being here, missing Mike of course and my own home and routine, but generally being back has been good for awhile. Which, only makes me think and well, know, the transition back to the Sandbox will be another hard one.  
Two highlights from today, weather in the 50's and an afternoon playing outside with the boys. Which then led to an early bedtime and two boys fast asleep at 6:45 p.m. Which makes sense because they were up so late last night and up so early this morning.
The other highlight. Another surprise package from my darling husband back in the Sandbox. This time, a package of gourmet cookies and another little love note. Feeling loved on a day when I needed it. Thank you Mike. I love you, miss you and need you!

36.5 Weeks.
 She fills every square inch of my torso these days. Literally, she is stretched out. Toes tucked under my chest in my ribs and her head pressing down in my pelvis. The boys always tucked and went out. Not this little lady. Maybe that is why I don't seem as big as I did with the boys. Even the OB mentioned how stretched out she was and that maybe she wouldn't want to be a swaddled baby but more of a spread out one. There's not much room for anything else anymore or to bend over anymore. Even while face timing Mike yesterday Owen patted my tummy and told daddy "mommy's tummy is REALLY big now."
In a perfect world only two weeks left. I'd love to have baby girl on the 13th of February. It's my mom's birthday and she was born on her grandma's birthday. (Although I know Mike's dad is hoping for his birthday on the 14th)That will put me at 38.5 weeks, the longest pregnancy I'll have. I can have goals right?
Hugs, A 

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Em and Tom said...

i always tear up at your posts:) What a sweet husband you have! glad you had fun at the store. I'm holding my breath when I say this, but I think we are all finally well. we need to get together soon. you got my #, but I didn't get yours. Call:)