Wednesday, January 4, 2012

13 days.

That's right.
We have officially been in the States for a total of 13 days.
13 Glorious and busy days.

Well, Mike only made it 10 days before heading back to the Sandbox.
The boys and I appreciate that he is willing to work hard to take care of us.
I however for the last few days, do not appreciate the fact that the Sandbox is across the world.

I'm pretty sure Heavenly Father did not plan for an eight month pregnant mommy to chase a 4 and 3 year old little boys by herself.
Alas, this is what is has come to.

While Mike was here we went to the OB here for a check up.
I felt like she needed to meet Mike to fully appreciate the need for "timing" and induction for our little lady baby. 
Nothing before Feb. 8. (This is when daddy makes the trek back to us.)
I confessed I have A LOT of Braxton Hicks.
So she checked.
Sure enough.
Dilated to a 1 at 32 weeks.
Oh baby, you have at least four weeks to go.
We will NOT, I repeat, WILL NOT go into labor with daddy more than 24 hours away.
The plan, more water, empty bladder, more time with my feet up and taking it easy.

Good thing Boot Camp is already over.
So elliptical and walking here I come.
Gym time for the boys in the morning as well.
Makes for a much happier Dille bunch.

Before Mike left we found a preschool around the corner for the boys.
Four afternoons a week for three hours.
Sanity for all of us.

The holidays were busy like most of yours.
Christmas Shopping with my honey the day after we arrived.
Jet lagged and all, still loved it.
I ran Mike into the ground, I do believe shopping was the caffeine for me that day.

Christmas Eve party and White Elephant exchange.

Christmas morning with the immediate family.
Followed by church.
An afternoon nap.
Dinner with the extended family and my mom came up from Utah too.
More present opening.

Day after Christmas shopping date with my mom and I.
Just the two of us and a lunch out.
This was a true treat.
I miss my mom.

The following days flew by.
We were busy, exact details not sure with what.
But we were.

New Years Eve the grandparents offered to take the boys for the night.
So off we went.
New Years Eve Date and Baby MOON all wrapped into one!
Mike booked a suite with a large soaking tub.
I've been wanting to soak this tired body of mine for months but our little modular home in the sandbox does not have a tub that will accommodate that at all.
It was a treat.
Confession, I was out cold by 10:30 p.m. and slept until 9:30 the next morning.
Yes, my husband still loves me.

On Monday Mike went back home.
I cried. That night, in the morning, and at night again.
It was a sad, shopping therapy at Target needed, kind of day.

Three days later being a single mom.
Tonight was better.
We are getting into a routine.
At 8 p.m. both boys are asleep.
I can do this.
I really have no choice.

I feel good about my decision to deliver our baby here in the States.
I know this was the right thing for our family.
I also know that this will not be easy.
Perhaps we need to take up the much rehearsed and seen family motto.
"We CAN do hard things."

I miss you Mike.
You took a piece of my heart back with you.
Come back to me in time, ok?
Love you.

Here's to doing it all again tomorrow.
Oh and posting photos from the last 13 days.
Hugs, A

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