Tuesday, November 22, 2011


So far two days on antibiotics will do this preggo sicko good. 
I'm beginning to feel like me again. Hurray!
Thank goodness for an OB who gave me drugs and boo to the ER doc who would do nothing because of my baby bump.

Still have a few more days on antibiotics and pink eye ointment.
But I think we are on the downward slope.
There are healthy and happy days ahead of us.
In the near future.

In the meantime.
I took down the fall decor and last night busted out the Christmas decor.
Out with the orange, in the with the red and green.
I'm giddy with excitement.
No tree yet, just about everything else.
I usually don't do this before Thanksgiving, but with the sickness for so long I thought we all needed a good morale and happy boost.

This morning I was back at it.
Another Boot Camp class with my largest attendance yet.
Which was great!
Only downfall was that the mic did not work.
So I had to yell, project and pretty much garantuee my voice will not be returning for several more days.
So worth it! A good sweat and a great class.
I hope everyone comes back.
I kind of love this fitness teaching thing.
It makes me happy.

You know what else makes me happy right now.
Christmas Movies.
Christmas Music. Loving this cd.
A toddler who continues to tell me, Santa says "ho,ho, ho" while patting his tummy.
A clean house.
A warm shower.
Hot Chocolate.
Homemade mac and cheese.
Twilight Woods Body Spray.
And... Nap Time.

Hugs, A

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