Monday, November 7, 2011


 The sandbox has been good to us the past 24 hours. Last night we had a rain storm. Complete with lightening and buckets of rain. It's been a VERY LONG time since we've seen rain here like that. Maybe since last February. Now, I do say 'rain' because there is water coming from the sky, it sounds the same, only when you look outside you realize it is really just raining mud. We were still glad to have our rainy mud storm. It was refreshing to hear the pitter patter of raindrops beat against the window. It felt familiar and homey.
Then today, after last nights rain I wasn't expecting much. Maybe more humidity. But the exact opposite. It was cool, the sky was blue, the wind sweeping across the yard. It felt like fall. Here in the sandbox, it felt like fall. I am welcoming the change of weather with open arms. I am thrilled with the thought of long sleeves and jeans (don't get me wrong I still want flip flops- so not too cold.)
We caught a movie, did a little organizing and Mike started the bunk bed. Tonight we ended our night sitting by the fire pit roasting marshmallows and grilling dinner. We ate on the back patio, we embraced our light jackets, we took in the smell of burnt marshmallows and savored the taste of somewhat stale smore's. (Hey you take what you can get here- even stale Graham crackers are a treat.) 
Carter told us how much he loved the fire and how much fun he was having. Owen devoured fresh marshmallows not waiting long enough to toast them.
 Hugs, A


emalina49a said...

So should I recognize that sweatshirt? I think I have one just like it! :)

Jen said...

i agree, the sweatshirt made me happy! Go Aggies!

Em and Tom said...

Love this post. Happy times:)