Saturday, November 12, 2011

Stay-Cation Wrap Up.

Well the holiday is over and today we got back down to business as usual. Mike off to work, Carter off to Pre-K and camp is starting to bustle with people again. Time seems to fly here, I can't believe an entire week of stay-cation is gone. I'm a bit sad about it actually. But then again, the idea of routine is pretty appealing right now too.

The boys have been non stop.  It's wrestle mania in our house these days usually ending in some kind of tears. So I can't decide which is better, the quite, because you know they are into something- like Owen "painting" his nails and face and arms in marker. Or if the loud is better, because I know what they are actually doing, but that means someone is about to get thrown down. Yeah, I think these boys could use a little break from each other and some time with their friends back at school on our normal routine.

We managed to get a few things done over the week. Some long afternoon naps, checks off the to-do list, a few mini trips around town and a whole lot of Dille family fun time.

One night we took the kids out to Fridays. First time we've been there since moving to KSA. Actually not too bad. Pretty much the same as back in the States. Decor to a tee was the same, food close too, although I was missing the half sandwich and soup combo. We sat in a booth that had a tv right above us. Carter colored, Owen watched cartoons. Hence the smile on Carter and the eyes looking up on Owen.
 Carters getting better with the camera. Imagine that, Mike and I were able to sit next to each other in the booth at dinner. That alone, was a treat.
The next day just hanging out playing with the camera. 
"Mom, take a picture of me!"
  Outdoor movie night thanks to the Nelsons on the Cricket field. We watch Cars 2, snuggled under blankets and munched on popcorn and cookies. I even busted out my scarf for the night. After the movie the boys chased a the Christensen twins around the field and wore them out. Some days it's just nice to be outside.

25 Weeks and continuing to Bloom.
*Side note, see the pretty purple flowers on our vines. Looking out the back patio window makes me smile each day.
Carter is our little photographer. Not too bad, although man, I'm looking pretty big from the front too. Hard to imagine what another three months will look like on me.
Hitting 25 weeks has been a dose of reality. In general, I'm feeling good and am just grateful to be pregnant with our little girl. I'm starting to really feel pregnant and am slowing down a lot. I imagine the days of painting my own toe nails are limited. I've officially taken all of my maternity clothes out of storage. I'm bouncing out of bed atleast once a night to fight off a calf cramp. I have officially decided I dislike the scale. Yup, I do.

Still teaching Boot Camp, but even that is becoming more of a challenge. I want to do more, but this body of mine has other things in mind, like I don't know, growing a baby. So I'm taking a step back, but still pushing forward.

The boys are so excited for our little girl to arrive. Just the other day Carter asked me how the baby will come out. I used a line from Lindsay, "it's magic." Yeah, I'm not ready to go there and really, he's not that interested. Instead I think he was more worried about who would watch him and Owen while I went to the hospital, because that was his next question.

Another dose of reality that has hit this week is the actual timing of this pregnancy. We are on the downward slope now. Three months and there will be another little person in our family and that thought is overwhelming to me. The traveling and coordinating, the birthing and planning, the preparation and nesting, the, well, the EVERYTHING is overwhelming right now. Should I just chalk this up to hormones? I feel a bit all over the map these days.

We're happy. We have our moments. But we ARE happy.

We feel blessed and are grateful everyday for the life we have been given and the opportunity to live. Recently a good friend of ours lost her sister to cancer. It's been a battle for their family and my heart breaks for them and my prayers have been filled with concern for them. The gift of life is so precious. It can all be taken away in just a moment, so what are you doing with your moment? I want to do more, enjoy more and stress and worry less.

This morning I took the boys out for a ride in the "new to us", Bob Stroller. It was awesome. The sun, the birds chirping, the blue skies, the chit chat back and forth, this is what life is for. To find joy in the journey. Find joy in the small moments when the sun finds your face and you know the Lord put everything on the earth just for you.

When as you walk and talk to the boys about the color of the flowers or the sounds of the sprinkler and you feel the other little person inside of you move. My heart is full of gratitude. The Lord is so loving and all knowing.
Hugs, A

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