Friday, November 18, 2011

Pitty Party.

Day 6.
Still Sick.
Started as a cold and morphed.
Voice is finally coming back- that was gone for two days.
Now I have a voice, but I also have Pink eye in BOTH eyes.
Still sore throat and cough.
This has not been my week.
I feel like crappo.

Owen now has pink eye too.
Carter had a little goop in his eye this a.m. so now he's on pink eye antibiotic too, just in case.
We think Mike tore a muscle in his calf and has been limping all week.

I believe it is safe to say the Dille's are out of luck this week.
We deserve a pitty party.

The few highlights I can share.
We are surviving. 
Hosted a playgroup for Owen and his three year old buddies.
Talked about Thanksgiving and made Indian headresses.
I taught two boot camps.
Spent an entire day with no water at the house due to watermain break on our road.
Went to a craft caravan and ate delicious cinnamon rolls for two days from show.
Then it all went to crappo and I've been hunkering down at the house ever since.

What I'm grateful for among all of this sickness stuff.
Recieving a priesthhood blessing reassuring me I WOULD indeed get better.
A husband who is worthy and willing to give me a blessing.
A husband who took the boys all day yesterday so I could just be sick and rest.
A home, that I can hunker down in.
Netflix and seasons of tv shows available to entertain the sicko.
A washing machine that works and is busy. Five loads just yesterday.
Losing my voice, perhaps I needed to learn to be more gentle in my tone to my boys.
The doctor who last night at urgent care, gave Mike double the dose of pink eye cream for Owen and his mom.

Lastly, I am grateful for a baby girl who continues to dance in my tummy while I deal with being sick.
I can miserable, but I'm glad she's still doing well.

Please send good healthy, get better vibes our way.
We need em.

Hugs, A

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Jennifer said...

I've been praying that you feel better! Being pregnant is hard enough on a body. I'm curious... have you guys decided on a name for your baby girl? Also, when are you due? Jen