Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween in the Sandbox.

 Happy Halloween!
Hard to believe we celebrated our second Halloween in the sandbox yesterday. Our boys have been counting down days until Halloween and were so excited to dress up and trick or treat. The final costume decisions for the night.
Dad, the Pirate Captain.
Mom, an Angel.
A Pirate for Owen. Superman for Carter.
Then out the door went, but not without a quick photo. 
One had the muscles...
... the other with the mustache.
We went trick or treating with the Borns.
The Pirate and his Cupcake Princess. Anika and Owen. She was Owens motivation and kept telling him to hurry up as they ran up to each house.
Carter and Lawson.
Thank goodness Jen had an extra stroller. Owen was a lot happier hitching a ride.
A self portrait from the Captain.
Halloween is big here. There are a lot of 'visitors' that come in from off camp. The area outside of the Hills school looks more like a parade, literally hundreds of people walking around. It's a bit crazy.
Last year we avoided this area for a reason. This year we ended up walking right through it. Crazy, yes. Would not have been out there any later than 7 that's for sure. But really one of the funniest moments of the night was running into these guys...
You can decipher for yourselves who you think they are. Atleast they have a sense of humor about it all too. Comparing tummies. There's only one original in this group. Although the guy to my right insisted he was having twins.

Just for fun to let you know that not all holiday celebrations get the shaft here. One of the houses we trick or treated at. They did a great job. 
Last photo from the Halloween festivities, which really felt like two weeks of celebrations with Bunco, Halloween parties, preschool parties and then actual trick or treating, 2.5Dille Pumpkins.
Happy Halloween!
From our sandbox to yours.
Hugs, A

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Em and Tom said...

Mike looks so funny I'm still laughing. Love the other costumes too. Looks like you had lots of fun:)