Saturday, November 12, 2011

Beach in November.

A little Stay-Cation Beach Trip to Half Moon Bay Yacht Club.
It was a little chilly that morning with a good fall breeze, can you believe 'fall' is still here? Well enough fall to wear long sleeves and enough sandbox to still hang out at the beach all morning. We went with a few other stay-cation families and the boys had a blast. Mike was a trooper and got in the water them, this preggo lady did not brave the cold water this time.

Mike and Carter. Still amazes me how pretty and clear the water is here.
Owen, pointing to Beach Rule #9. Yes, that rule still makes me laugh too. Although this week, with it being Eid it was a good rule to have. Could you imagine that as you pull up to the beach with the kids?
 He doesn't look very happy here, but he had a great time! As we were getting ready to go I spotted him checking out his shadow.

 Another just for fun. They use the banners below pretty often around camp to decorate for events. Today they were lining the entrance to the beach.
 And perhaps one of the greatest things about spending the entire morning at the beach are the naps that follow.
 I was attempting to wake everyone up. My mom called and then the baby bump became the pillow.
Hugs, A

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