Thursday, December 1, 2011


The Holidays are here.

It can be a tad bitter sweet to be on the other side of the world from extended family and long time friends this time of year. But at the same time, this time last year was when we started to feel like "here" was home. It brings families in the sandbox together, turns friends into families and gives us all a reason to go all out with celebrations. Perhaps to compensate for the restrictions and lack of holiday festivities outside of camp. We have to work harder to create the holiday cheer here.

This year I've been excited about the holidays. Excited about celebrating with friends here and also excited that we'll get to go back to the States for Christmas Day. Almost feels like we get the best of both worlds right now.

I'm trying on rose colored glasses in hopes that I'll forget that when we get back to the States I'll go through my last month pregnant with Mike back in the sandbox, both in laws working non stop and me a single mom again. Yes, I'm choosing to focus on the holiday celebrations rather than the month of January.

Thanksgiving 2011 was great. We really didn't take any pictures, but our hosts, The Born's did and Brad even put together a little slide show. Here is the link. Enjoy!
Thanksgiving 2011 Video with pictures

With Thanksgiving in mind, here are a few things I am thankful for...
  • My little family and being married to my best friend. Couldn't be on this overseas adventure without his love and support.
  • The gospel in our lives and the way the Lord provides a way to worship no matter where we are.
  • Technology that bridges the gaps across the ocean and makes the distance seem less.
  • Pregnancy, and our little lady. So blessed and grateful to be bringing a new little miracle into the world and so happy that we'll get to adorn her in pink.
Hugs, A

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