Friday, June 24, 2011


Less than a week and we will be stateside. In the meantime things have been busy with preparation. One of the tops of my list, souvenirs to bring back. And with that trip into town, a quick stop to the produce market. We're eating to clear out our pantry and fridge, and pretty much only buying produce and milk. Good thing, because there seems to be a shortage of sour cream and turkey ham in the kingdom.

A friend of mine, Jen, also the produce expert, took me to this indoor strip mall. Similar to a flea market. Inside there are piles and piles of these awesome dresses and skirts. Long skirt or tube dress you decide. Some with straps other without. Short skirts in all colors. It was awesome and it truly took over an hour to sort through and come up with a stack I know my sisters and girlfriends will love. Oh and I came back with several for myself too. Or, I could just bring back abiyas for everyone? I know, I know, hard decision.

Another view of the store. The produce market was great that day too! Love all of the colors and most of the smells.

Best score that morning were flats of US strawberries and a box of avocados. (Owen and I are still on a guac. kick.) We paid 70 SAR = 18.66 US for one of the boxes below. Not a great price in the US but a pretty good one for here. Especially since they were actually ALL good strawberries. Owen was thrilled when I walked in the door and had devoured a handful before I had even unloaded the car.

Let the preparations continue. Really should start packing soon. Hugs, A


The Youngblood Family said...

Love the pics and what cool dresses! Enjoy your trip and American food. :) I enjoy reading your blog. :)

Em and Tom said...

So excited to see you!!!!!! Your kids are so cute!