Wednesday, June 15, 2011

One on One time.

Owens last day also meant the last day of just Carter and I. So to celebrate and make the day special for Carter we hit the library and came home with a backpack full of books. Then we went around the corner for icee lemonades and spend a little time at the covered playground outside.

This was the face I got when I told him to smile. This kid has developed some serious attitude in the last two weeks. Does this have something to do with being four? If it is, I believe we may miss the three's and I never thought I would say that. It was a nice morning with Carter. I love both of my boys and spending time all together, but it's a treat to spend one on one time with them. I know they need it and I do. It's great to connect without the distractions and competitions. To see more of their little personalities and just enjoy them! Which really makes me think the quote below from Elder Ballard. I've been thinking about this A LOT lately. I guess being a mom of toddlers can make life a bit crazy. A good friend of mine told me at this point in my life I'm in the trenches. Constantly digging myself out. This quote reminds me to put down my shovel, slow down, enjoy and really see my kids for the magnificant spirits they are.

Elder M. Russel Ballard has taught us the importance of the Savior's admonition to "behold your little ones" when he said, "Notice that He didn't say 'glance at them' or 'casually observe them' or 'occasionaly take a look in their general direction.' He said to behold them. To me that means that we should embrace them with our eyes and with our hearts; we should see and appreciate them for who they really are: spirit children of our Heavenly Father, with divine attributes" Read more here.

Happy Wednesday! (If you live in KSA it's really like a Friday- wahoo!) For the rest of you suppose, happy Wednesday hump day. Hugs, A

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Em and Tom said...

You made me cry a little. I'm starting to feel like I'm almost out of the first phase of the trenches and I so don't want to be!
Yep, that is our neighborhood pool, and we would love to go there with you! I have so many questions.
1.When does your plane get in?
2.Which airport?
Um, well, I guess I only have two questions:)
If it's the afternoon Tom is going to try to take off from work and join us. Hope to hear from you soon.