Friday, June 10, 2011


Dear Carter,
We're so proud of the little man you are becoming. You bring joy, laughter and a sweet spirit into our home. Your energy is astonding, you just go and go and go. Unless your favorite show is on, then and usually only then you sit still. It's in those little moments when you will sit with us on the couch and snuggle. We hold hands and we talk. We also have a lot of those moments when you are snuggled up in bed. We talk about your day, what we did, how we feel and what we are doing tomorrow.

You love your little brother, although sometimes you tell him you don't, but we know you really do. Sometimes at night you sneak out of your room and let Owen out of his to come snuggle with you. Then you read him books in your bed. You wait for him going up the stairs to the waterslide and help him up each level. He's your best friend.

You are kind, loving and friendly. You love to meet new friends and think that anyone who comes into our home has come to play with you. Absolute strangers you will stop and say "hello friend" to.

You have a great memory, and call anything that happened in the past "yesterday." You love to tell stories and are always planning some imaginary trip to the moon, to see grandma, last week you were planning a trip to see Jesus and were taking all of your stuffed animals along for the ride.

You love to sing, dance, color, paint and make crafts. You also love to build things, wrestle, jump, run and make a gun or sword out of anything you can find, blocks, legos, sticks, wrapping paper rolls. This week you requested to be called "super kid." We obliged.

You are learning to swim like a champ and push yourself to keep trying. You like to jump in and make a big splash and can float on your back for 25 seconds.

You always want to be the "winner" in everything and were are not quite sure where you learned this. You race everywhere always wanting to be first and if you don't win you "missed." Sometimes you let your brother Owen win.

You are now ear tube free and your middle ear looks great. I believe that may have been your last set of tubes. Thank goodness. Little man you have had more than your fair share of visits to the ENT.

You were so excited to turn FOUR and everytime we would sing happy birthday to you, you would glow. Pure joy.

In the scriptures we are told to be more like children, humble, loving, forgiving and trusting. I look at you and I can see your little spirit and I know that you are so close to the Savior. You are pure and teachable, loving and caring, and a great example to us all.

Love you Carter.
Hugs, Mom.

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