Friday, June 10, 2011

Cake and Presents.

On Carter's REAL birthday, June 4, we had a lower key birthday celebration with our family and another family we have become good friends with, the Borns. Their kids weren't able to make it to Carters birthday because they were sick, so we invited them over to make pizzas and have cake on Saturday night. Almost like another birthday party, Carter was thrilled.

Cupcakes and Candles.

Our little family right before opening presents. Carter and his bud, Lawson, in their aprons. I really wanted to get a picture of Owen and Carter together, but this was the type of mood Owen was in. He was no longer loving the apron cook party idea. Carter opening presents with Lawson. Checking out the new easle we got Carter for his birthday. He LOVES to draw and was really excited about this one. It's still sitting in our living room and has had a lot of use out of the chalkboard side. It felt like a weeklong birthday celebration for Carter. The house was decorated for three days and believe it or not, the birthday balloons that I spent WAY too much money on, were still floating after a week.

On his actual birthday we played, had lunch with dad, Mike took him swimming, we had friends over for dinner and when they left we played a wicked round of hide and go seek in the house.

We played and played and stayed up way too late. I guess it was one of those night where everyone is happy and there is no rush to do anything. Nights like those are magical. I wish my kids would stay little and want to play silly games with us forever.

Hugs, A

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