Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cabin Fever.

This past week we've suffered from a bat of cabin fever.

It's hot and so we stay indoors.

I can't drive off camp because I'm a woman so we stay on camp.

I had a motorized scooter accident resulting in road rash down one side of my body and a lot of skinned skin. I'm pretty much a wreck, which then knocked out the pool for me and the boys. Could you imagine raw skin and chlorine... yeah, no way. So without the pool, we are inside again.

Normally we find ways to make this work for us. But it's usually on Friday (our sabbath/sunday day) when the true cabin fever sets in right after we get home from church.

We watched a little SYTYCD and the boys fell asleep. They fought naps earlier so we let them snuggle up with us resulting in this.

Then Mike comes to the rescue. Trains, playing ball, wrestling, chasing, building this and that. He pretty much rocks the Friday afternoons with the boys and chases away the cabin fever with a bit of boy craziness.

Trio Train Tunnels.

Carter insisted he get a turn at the camera. He's getting better. At this rate Mike and I may be in more pictures and even together in a picture.

After this we walked around the block. It was 7:30 and finally starting to cool off a bit. I needed to get out of our little house and gets some, well kind of, fresh air. It's pretty dusty the last few days. This morning there was a thick coating of red/orange sand on the burb.

This week is Owens last week of playschool. Then two more weeks and we're outta here. Everyone is gearing down it feels like. Working on repat lists and little things to take back to family. Checking off to do lists and leaving longer ones for their hubbies who are staying. Oh, wait, maybe that's just me. But they are things that will require Mike to spend some time in the wood shop and he LOVES that. So I'm just helping him to fill his time.

If you're in the Boise area, I'm looking for a reasonably priced photographer to take family photos for us the first of July. We'd also like to keep a cd with the images that we could bring over here. Too hard to transport photos and then we also risk them being taken at customs. Any suggestions? Hugs, A

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