Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Owens last day.

Yesterday was Owen's last day of playschool at Mrs. Anna's. Here are a few pictures right before we went into the school that morning. The sun must have been right in his eyes, because he's squinty and doesn't look very happy. But he was. He loved Anna and Laurie and the rest of the helpers. Her school really worked on the basics a two year old needs to know, please, thank you, standing in a line, sharing, not hitting and a few letters and numbers. I really think one of his favorite things about going to playschool was taking his backpack with him to school.

Next year he will move to Ms. Jeanette's school with Carter for preschool. They will both go four mornings a week. It will bo so nice to have both boys at the same school. The comfort they will both have knowing they are together and logistically wise for me not having to stress about picking up both boys at the same time but at different locations.

Now that school is out for BOTH boys, it officially feels like SUMMER! I'm excited to have no where to rush to in the morning, more time to lounge around together, make breakfast, sleep in (I wish) and spend our mornings at the pool before we head over the ocean and through the woods to Grandma's house we go!

Hugs, A