Saturday, June 11, 2011


You can take the boys out of Texas, but you can't take the Texan out of the boys.

The other day, Carter went into the garage to our second fridge (where we keep mostly drinks) to get a Coke for Mike and I for lunch. He actually really likes to do this and we like that he likes it. So off he goes. Only moments later he peaks his head back in the door and asks,

"What kind of Coke?"

Our response, "A Black* Coke, Coke."

Totally a southern thing.

Owen eats like a Texan. He LOVES tex-mex. I was able to get a box avacados at the produce market this week and we have been making homemade guacamole like it was our job, and this kid has been pounding it with a bag of tortilla chips. If he sees the guac. he'll eat nothing else but that. He grew up on chips and salsa in Houston only fitting we move across the world and it continues.

I believe he also has a little Texas rodeo in him as well. Tonight he mounted the railing as we checked out of the dining hall. He swung his leg over the railing, grapped on and told me "I riding a horse, nah... (insert horse noise)"

There are still moments when I can hear both Mike and I say "fer" instead of "for." Just six years in Houston and we both picked that one up too. So perhaps you can say Texas still has a piece of our hearts.

And just because.

Our "Gardener" Mike. Yes, we still take care of our own yard here. A lot of expats hire a local gardner to come by once a day and wash off the sidewalks and water the grass. We don't mind taking care of the yard and we had an automatic sprinkler installed. Daddy does a good job. Never thought he'd have to mow the lawn in the desert.

Hugs, A

*Yes, we're still drinking Coke Zero. Most of you are probably shocked, I am the coke girl. But with cheese bread and no gym day care I can't afford all of the calories. So Coke Zero and no guilt.

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