Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Chef Party.

Well it happened. Carter turned FOUR! We survived and enjoyed every minute of his birthday celebrations. I promise you have not met another little boy so excited to be four!

Here's our cute Carter in his birthday apron.The chef kiddos. There was a virus running around camp that knocked out four kids. Instead of 12, we had 7. This group was large enough. It was a good, and a bit crazy, of a time.

Making pizzas. Jet, Jordan and Carter. Owen taking control of the roller. Pizzas in the oven. On to the cupcakes. Having lunch. The pizzas were a hit and so were the cupcakes. Chocolate with buttercream icing. In between the cooking we read a book and had a dance party.

Silly Chefs.

Recipe for a Chef Party.

Custom aprons.

Decorated Chef hats.

Five good friends.


Pizza. Cupcakes. Fruit, veggies with ranch.


Happy Birthday Singing.


= One Happy FOUR year old Carter.

I asked Carter what was his favorite part of the party. His reply, "Dancing and cupcakes."

Hugs, A

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