Monday, October 10, 2011

Too Long.

Because it's been too long since my last post.
Because my mom has requested more pictures.
Here is an update on the Dille's in the sandbox. 

We've been working on making this sandbox feel a little more like fall. Which some days when the temp continues to reach 100 degrees can be a bit of a challenge. Add to that, pumpkins are being sold at one store in town for a whopping 6 bucks a pound.
So we got creative and made our own pumpkins for the porch. I put the fall wreath back on the door, planted new flowers and washed all the sand and grit off. Now it feels like we live here again.
Not too shabby are there?
Festivities continue in the kitchen nook. It feels like fall inside too.

Mom per our converation: These little vines, were in deed "little" back in the spring when we planted them. They grow in the heat and are really starting to take over. Mike added the wood support on the top in hopes they will continue to grow and block out the other house. In the morning they have pretty little purple flowers. We spent last weekend in the yard cleaning up from the summer. We still do all the yard work ourselves. No gardner here, just the Dille's getting down and dirty.
The nesting has hit full force. The past week (well two weeks) our master bedroom was on the list. It got a full makeover. New bedding, new nightstands, a fresh coat of 'Moss Beach' and finally after a full year here, pictures and Mirror on the wall. The only thing missing is the Farmhouse bed Mike is going to make... soon. :) It's that nesting thing again.
I did decide another room slightly blue would be ok because I'll get to paint our little girls room something pink and girlie.
This picture has been a long time coming. Our NEW ride. Well, new to us. :) We had some good friends move to Oklahoma this summer and sold us their sweet ride, V8 Nissan Armada. I LOVE it. It has the bells and whistles, including a DVD player which the boys are also in LOVE with. Funny thing is, we like it so much we'd rather not take it into town. It's our camp car and long distance car, our not into Khobar and the souq area car. So we've held onto the Suburban too. Add to that, Mike purchased a scooter this summer as well. The best commute ever and he gets to park right in front of his building. The boys call it his motorcycle, and we both laugh about it.

 This past week we also hit our official 1 Year Mark in the Sandbox. Honestly, the first month here I thought we'd never make it one year. But after a year, I can see us reaching at least 5. I really do like life on camp and the family life balance Mike has with work. What we have here we can't have in the US right now. Hopefully sometime in the future an opportunity will arise back in the States but for now, we know we are suppose to be here. I would move here all over again for two things, selling our house and having a little girl. Yeah, I think we scored! *Making the best of it is how we roll.
Hugs, A

*This statement does not mean however that I will not complain or gripe about living in the sandbox occassionaly. Some days a little whining is totally acceptable.


matt and brynnzie said...

I have been keeping my eye on your family and all the new experiences that you are experiencing. I am so excited for you and Mike. A girl will be a nice change. However, with the pink comes drama concentrate. Good Luck!! I hope things go well for you and the family. It was good hearing from you!!

Michelle S.J. said...

I think you should take your sweet new ride to Dubai. One b/c it is so comfy and two b/c that is where we were going to take it next month. I think it will be super sad if it doesn't get to make the trip this year.

The Youngblood Family said...

I'm so glad you updated your blog and I'm glad to hear ya'll are doing good. :) Your decorative wall looks awesome. I love it! Sweet new, pictures of Mike's scooter. :)

Em and Tom said...

You said it perfectly. "Making the best of it" is how we like to roll too, for everything, but I still reserve the right to whine a little. I liked this post cause now i feel like I've almost been to your house. Thanks:)